My last MAPP weekend & new beginnings

This weekend was the last university weekend for my MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology course). Another strange weekend as lectures were merely a half-day on Sunday as it turned out, though I also spent Friday evening and half of Saturday in East London with my classmates.

The weather was terrific and we had a really great time. When I first met UEL and Bucks universities (the 2 closest, geographically, to where I live – and only 2 of 5 in the whole of the UK currently offering the course), the latter had told me that the course was often transformational for all, and often led to some form of career change.

As I had been transitioning already before the course had become, and there were various other things I was involved with which were playing a role in my own change, perhaps I’d forgotten what the effect on others the course would have. It’s been great to see many others slowly transitioning to more meaningful work, reducing their hours at their workplaces, as many of them are starting to build up a coaching practice / workshops alongside, to hopefully generate enough revenue to transition fully.

Much of our identities get so wrapped up in the work that we do. It really does take a look of mental toughness and courage to take steps to move away towards something you care about. There are lots of tricky aspects to this move, but one that stands out is that one has to embrace uncertainty, to do things without knowing where they’ll lead, to take action and have trust in the whole process or the universe itself… so many times I’ve seen individuals do this and, even if things haven’t turned out the way they thought they would, it has moved them in a better direction and towards a better life, work they better enjoy, and overall better wellbeing.

That trust in the process is a tricky, tricky thing. Surrounding yourselves with others who hold the same values and are going through the same process will also help. (See also: my post on Communities).

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