Wisdom: Jeff Goins

“When I interviewed hundreds of people for my book, The Art of Work,  — people ranging in ages from 18 to 80 who had found their calling — there was one recurring theme: almost every person was a business owner…

From the college-aged computer programmer to the couple in Burundi starting a coffee company and the Singaporean doula, each person understood their life’s work would not simply be handed to them. They had to create it.

The job market isn’t great and probably won’t be getting any better in the foreseeable future. If the studies are true, by the year 2020, we will see over half the workforce functioning as freelancers,with no steady job but a portfolio of gigs that provide a living.

This may not sound like good news to everyone, especially those who are less entrepreneurial. But it is. If you embrace this reality, you won’t have to settle for a position that doesn’t fulfill your potential.

You can create the perfect job for yourself, as long as you don’t wait for someone to give it to you.”

Jeff Goins

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