Forget Networking. Start Kindworking.

I read this article yesterday which really resonated with me.

If you are just unashamedly nice, warm, human with others, whether they’re a friend you sit down with for a coffee, a stranger on the train, someone in a professional context you meet for a coffee one-off…even if you don’t physically meet them, but rather are nice to them online, send them a positive message/tweet/FB message, connect them with someone likeminded, point them in direction of something they might like, help them in some way, but here’s the catch…without expecting anything back in return.

If you do that consistently and for long enough (sometimes just a few weeks/months), the universe will conspire in your favour, and this niceness and help you gave will be sent back in your direction – either from the person you were nice to, or from another person entirely.

As Tony Hsieh wrote in Delivering Happiness, he found that it took about 2-3 years before a nice/helpful act towards someone paid itself back in some way in the future, via them.

It costs nothing to be nice. And yet it often proves to be extremely valuable later on. And even if it doesn’t, being nice and helping others is good for the other people, and also good for you. Wellbeing boosts for both. Win, Win.

Forget networking. Start Kindworking. Kudos to a brilliant article by Laurence @ Happy Startup School.

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