Creating a #HappierWorld

To start with, this last week has been the best week of my life so far. I’ll be explaining more in the coming days. It has been full-on (hence the radio silence), but has been nothing short of extraordinary. Watch this space.

On Monday, I attended a fantastic ‘Action For Happiness’ event, with: Dalai Lama, Daniel Goleman, Richard Layard and several others. I will soon be posting summaries (long- and short-versions) of the day and it’s content.

This event was for an amazing cause – to launch a fantastic new course and to help create a ‪#‎HappierWorld‬. Please take a look at the short video here: – and do support if you feel the inclination.

Additionally, each ‘free’ coaching conversation I have will still take place at no cost; however, I will be suggesting a voluntary donation (entirely voluntary), 100% of which I will be donating to the cause. To find out more, click here.

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