5 TED Talks That Teach You About Happiness

After writing my most recent post on minimalism earlier in the week, and referring to several videos and resources in that article, it dawned on me that there are several TED talks which can teach us something about happiness – some directly and others in a less obvious, indirect way.

First, a couple of notes on watching/listening to these talks:

  • Personally, I listen to these talks as much as I ‘watch’ them; whilst I am driving, doing a household chore, in the shower, etcetera. In other words, you don’t have to ‘watch’ these, but rather can listen to them on the move. Of course, if possible (e.g. if you are on the train), do watch the videos
  • The TED App (available cross-platform) makes it easy to download certain talks ‘offline’ for viewing/listening later (this applies to TED talks, rather than TedX talks)
  • For all of the ways in which you can watch TED Talks on various platforms (again, not TedX) – click here

So here are 5 of these TED Talks, which also happen to be personal favourites of mine:

1. Richard Layard (Professor & Lord, Economist)
TEDx Talk: Our basic purpose (YouTube link)

2. Barry Schwartz (Psychologist)
TED Talk: The paradox of choice (YouTube link)

3. Daniel Gilbert (Social Psychologist)
TED Talk: The surprising science of happiness (YouTube link)

4. Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus (‘The Minimalists’)
TEDx Talk: A rich life with less stuff (YouTube link)

5. Scott Dinsmore (‘Live Your Legend’)
TEDx Talk: How to find and do work you love (YouTube link)

I’ve watched/listened to all of the above multiple times. They are great for the morning commute, car journeys and general ‘idle time’ – at home, or anywhere.

This is the sort of content I am consciously trying to consume, regularly.

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